Introduction to Derivative, Fixed Income and Equity investing

This course is an excellent introduction to Derivatives, Fixed Income and equity investing trading, starting with operations of the LSEG, Types of participants, Equity and Understanding the price of an equity
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You will be able to :

Understand all the fundamentals of Derivatives fixed income and equity investing.

Master main types of asset class that are traded and some of their unique points.

Understand what cash instruments and derivatives are, and also about different more intermediate methods.

Programme content as follows:

Module 1 Introduction to the main operations of the LSEG

Module 2 Types of participants

Module 3 Types of Equity

Module 4 Understanding the price of an equity

Module 5 Types of secondary markets

Module 6 Types of Bonds

Module 7 Bond Price sensitivity measure

Module 8 Types of Derivatives

Module 9 Derivative Applications

Module 10 ETFs, CFDs, GDRs versus Equities

Module 11 Buying and selling Securities

Module 12 Mechanics of Trading and Investing

Intermediate topics

Module 13

  • An overview of Portfolio Theory and CAPM
  • Modern Portfolio Theory and CAPM
  • Equity indexes and benchmarks
  • Beta and Alpha
  • Benchmarking a simple portfolio

Module 14

  • Time Value of Money
  • Future value
  • Present value
  • Rate of Return
  • Use of TVM

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Held on London Stock Exchange servers
Bitesize videos
multiple choice exams
Includes intermediate topics