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Posted by Knightsbridge Trading Academy on Sunday, April 3, 2016


The course was quite enlightening. As in most professions, there is no one distinct formula to success. All you can receive is guidance from people in your specific field.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) Institutional Training Programme has been by far the best guidance platform I have experienced. The caliber of instructors was on its own level. It was quite a privilege to sit under the instructions of gurus who have decades of experience under their belt. I also got to interact and network with likeminded peers from different educational and work backgrounds.

I got to visit the famous LSE offices in London and view the opening of the market which was an exciting experience. The class ambiance was conducive for learning and it was arranged in a manner that optimized interaction with instructors and fellow participants.  Additionally, the staff was very pleasant and kind. They were always ready to give you a hand when you needed it.

I amassed a wealth of information from the programme and this is just a snapshot of the knowledge I acquired. I learnt about different asset classes such as Bonds, Derivatives, Foreign Exchange and Equities. With this I managed to attain the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment’s (CISI), Introduction to Securities & Investment qualification. Also I got to learn about the biases to look out for as I trade and the role of psychology in trading. Furthermore I was taught different risk management strategies which I could use to protect my capital and profits. In addition I learnt in depth about technical and fundamental analysis; although these two methods may be different, they complement each other and one should have an understanding of both.  At the end of the course we held a trading simulation where we were the market makers. It was a fascinating experience.

In summary, they engraved in me the belief that although it will not be easy, it is possible to become a success.  Also, they equipped me with the necessary tools to achieve this success faster. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to prosper as an Institutional trader.


For me, it was a privileged to have attended such a prestigious course in association with the London Stock Exchange and Knightsbridge Trading Academy.

The course venues were excellent and all the sessions commenced on time. Material was well prepared and well presented and  particularly encouraging, were the credentials of those that presented during the course. In particular, thanks are due to Trevor Neil for his dedication and input. His subject knowledge was extensive to say the least and his patience and ability to explain and make things simple were an added credit to him. Not to detract from all the other presenters, who so happily shared their experience and knowledge and gave a very exact definition of their particular fields. Attention to detail on a huge subject base was Excellent!

The course has definitely given me the building blocks with which to harness my desire to be in control of my wealth creation and preservation, and together with the CISI Qualification, the credibility to position myself as knowledgeable and confident that I am able to Trade successfully with a good understanding of the underlying fundamentals that that are required to prosper. The inherent risks and the understanding of them being crucial to the decision making process.

All of the staff from Knightsbridge and the LSE were charming, helpful and capable. The whole program was slick and efficient.

I would encourage those that haven’t, to take this opportunity to invest in this program as soon as they can whilst it is still available. Its a must.


The course was fantastic, well and truly the only course in the UK providing institutional knowledge in Investments and Securities

I had the pleasure of being taught by Trevor Neil and many other renowned individuals in the industry, they were very welcoming and approachable allowing me to learn aspects beyond the syllabus.

I was taught about securities and investments in detail, giving me a solid foundation and allowing me to be fluent in both topics. I particularly was very interested in derivatives as this is the career route I would like to follow it cleared up any gaps in my knowledge, allowing me to gain a huge scope of what a derivative is and how they work.

They were second to none, the London Stock Exchange and the office in Liverpool Street truly gave an insight on what it is like to work for a huge firm within the financial sector.

This course will give you a flair for finance, teach you in depth about fundamental areas and topics in the finance industry, enabling you to network with experienced professionals and give you a certified qualification recognised by the biggest companies in the world. The institutional trader course allows you to gain skills that no other course can, whilst also giving candidates hands on experience.


The course was excellent and provided a complete picture of the financial market and how each aspect of the market impact the whole.

They trainers were fantastic, their years of experience and knowledge provided invaluable insight into the financial markets and how it all works.

Most valuable things I learned was, when were the most profitable times to trade the FX market, the importance of technical analysis and the different types of candle sticks and candle stick formations, the importance of trend lines.

The facilities were great.Most definitely would recommend. This course is/was way better than anything I have ever done in the past.


I have attended the Institutional trading program last month. The best thing about the program is that it is very resourceful. It is well guided and the  instructors were quite experienced.

The staffs of the academy are quite helpful. Every staffs are well aware about what is going on in venue and with any problem they always respond quite rapidly and friendly.Specially Sarah and James were outstanding.

They were all very helpful to assist everyone and guide them during the course. I have learned a lot of thing but the special aspect of the course for me was  integrating the CISI qualification, make the course phenomenal compare to any other trading academy in the market. Moreover getting the chance to participate in a course in London Stock Exchange was also attractive.

The facilities were well accessible in all respect. It was convenient to have access of the tube and as well as buses every now and then.I will recommend this course for everyone who is keen to learn  and build up their career  in the financial market.I wish for all the best for its future endeavor